Blue Beaked Gargoyle (Demona's Clan)

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The Blue Beaked Gargoyle was a male gargoyle of Demona's Clan. He never had a true name.


The background of this gargoyle is somewhat mysterious. What is known is that he was a member of the Lunfanan Cell of Demona's Clan by 1020. He was not present in the Cell in 997, however, and it is not clear if he was ever part of the Wyvern Clan or not. [1] He possibly had a biological son among the "Eggs" which would indicate a past membership to the Wyvern Clan, but his notable absence in 997 casts uncertainty on this. It is also not clear at what time he joined Demona's Clan. He was possibly a member of another cell before joining the Wyvern Cell.

In 1040, this gargoyle survived an attack on the clan in their cave roost by Duncan and his men. The clan was forced to move to a new lair and a new territory. ("City of Stone Part Three")

Shortly thereafter, the clan assisted Macbeth in his battle against Duncan and after they defeated him, Macbeth placed the clan under his protection, hoping for a new golden age between humans and gargoyles. This gargoyle was actually present when Macbeth was crowned King of Scotland and Demona was named and appointed Macbeth's primary advisor.

Unfortunately this time of happiness would not last. Only seventeen years later, in 1057, the clan was at war with humans again, this time with Canmore and his English allies. This gargoyle continued to fight alongside his clan. Sadly, Demona betrayed Macbeth to Canmore, giving Canmore the opportunity to betray her. Canmore and his men destroyed this gargoyle and the rest of the clan, leaving Demona alone. ("City of Stone Part Four")


This gargoyle, as this entry suggests, was blue in coloring and had a short beak. He had white hair, two simple horns on his brow and a common type of wing. His most interesting features of note are his ears and his clothing. His ears hung down on the sides of his head like flaps. His loincloth is seemingly typical of the era and location this gargoyle lived in, but unlike all other gargoyles of the time and place, his did not include a belt, but a drawstring. These features has not been seen in any other gargoyles among Scottish clans and it is not clear if this could indicate a separate ancestry and origin.


Behind the Scenes

In "City of Stone" Part Three, "Kermit" is shown to be destroyed by Duncan while sleeping as stone, moments later however, he is seen escaping the cave with Demona and the blue beaked gargoyle is mysteriously absent. However, he is seen again in "City of Stone" Part Four. It is generally assumed that this was a simple animation error and that the blue beaked gargoyle survived until 1057 as is shown.

Like most of the character models for the gargoyles of Demona's Clan seen in "City of Stone", the blue beaked gargoyle's is later reused in the "Avalon" three-parter. The in-universe explanation for this is that the gargoyle was once part of the Wyvern Clan and fathered a biological son that strongly resembled him and later hatched on Avalon. Given this gargoyle's vague origins, however, this is an uncertain explanation.