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Claw is a mutate and member of the Labyrinth Clan.


Claw was born in 1954. [1] Claw's life as a human, before becoming a mutate, is unknown, as is his original name, though he was likely another homeless man recruited by Sevarius for Xanatos's Mutate Project. He was so traumatized by his transformation that he has not spoken since being injected with the mutagenic formula. ("The Cage")

Claw is a bit on the timid side. He originally helped Fang in his take-over of the Labyrinth, but at last (with some help from Maggie) gained enough courage to refuse to help him any further. ("Kingdom") He continues to silently defend the Labyrinth and its people from harm.


Claw's mutate form incorporates genes from a tiger, a bat and an electric eel, alongside his natural human DNA. Despite his shy demeanor, Claw is physically the strongest of the mutates, perhaps even stronger than Wolf. He even managed to wrestle Thailog to the ground briefly, though he was roughed up by that encounter. ("Masque")

Claw will never speak again, except for, perhaps, some final words right before he dies. [2]

Future Tense

Claw in "Future Tense"

In Puck's "Future Tense" vision to Goliath, Claw was the last mutate still living in the Labyrinth and was a member of Brooklyn's resistance against Xanatos. He had lost his wings in some unknown battle and had grown older. He was killed alongside Matt Bluestone and Bronx.


Note: This character does not speak, therefore he does not have any lines.

Production Background

Greg Weisman has written that making Claw a mute was initially a clever way to save money when making the episode "The Cage", but it has since become an essential element for the character going forward. [3][4]