Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

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Efrem Zimbalist Jr. was and American actor and voice actor.

Zimbalist Jr. was known as the voice for Alfred Pennyworth in Batman The Animated Series and went on to reprise the role in the DC Animated Universe installments Superman The Animated Series, Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, Static Shock and Justice League.

He voiced Justin Hammers during the second season of the 1994 Iron Man series which included Dorian Harewood as Jim Rhodes/War Machine, Robert Ito as the Mandarin and Jim Cummings as Modok.

His best known Marvel role would be as Otto Octavius/Dr. Octopus on Spider-Man The Animated Series. Fellow voice actors in the episodes with him included Ed Asner as J Jonah Jameson, Jim Cummings as the Shocker, Gregg Berger as Mysterio, Scott Cleverdon as Michael Pingree, David Warner as Herbert Landon, Paul Winfield as Omar Mosley/Black Marvel and Nichelle Nichols as Miriam.

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