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Gargoyles was a monthly comic book series published by Marvel Comics between February and December 1995. It was a spin-off from the first season of the animated series Gargoyles. The books referenced events from the first season, but did not follow the continuity of the series and are not considered canon by creator Greg Weisman.

Eleven issues were produced. Greg Weisman was hired to pen a story arc for the comic book, but Marvel filed for bankruptcy and cancelled the series before it was published. An unpublished script written by Weisman for the comic was later adapted into "Reunion", the sixth issue of the Gargoyles comic from Slave Labor Graphics.

Petros Xanatos made his earliest appearance in "The Pack Attacks", the seventh issue of the series, before his first real appearance in the TV series in the episode "Vows". Beth Maza also appeared in "Always Darkest Before Dawn" , the third issue of the comic, before being properly introduced in the TV series, although a picture of her had previously appeared in the episode "Deadly Force".

Regular writers on the series were Mort Todd and Martin Pasko. Regular artists included Amanda Conner, Alberto Saichann, Anthony Tollin and Greg Wright. Each issue was lettered by John Costanza (who also lettered Gargoyles stories from Disney Adventures), and the editor was Hildy Mesnik.

Select issues will be re-released (in addition to the entire run "remastered and compiled" into trade paperback) by Dynamite Entertainment in 2022. [1]


  1. "Fiends In High Places"
  2. "Always Darkest Before Dawn"
  3. "Rude Awakening"
  4. "Blood From A Stone"
  5. "Venus In Stone"
  6. "Venus Rising"
  7. "The Pack Attacks"
  8. "Terror In Times Square"
  9. "The Egg And I"
  10. "Out of the Past"
  11. "Into the Future"