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"Generations" is the ninth episode of the non-canonical The Goliath Chronicles, and the 74th televised episode of the series.


Opening Monologue

"There is a curse that can affect both man and gargoyle. It is loneliness, and it can eat away at the strongest soul. We all need the invigorating presence of others, a sustenance as essential as air, food, or water. For alone, life is empty, and no bond is more yearned for than that of a parent and child."

First Appearances


  • The episode bears several similarities to "The Reckoning" in regards to Angela's interaction with Demona. As with the previous episode, the two try to get better acquainted with one another only for Demona's lie to alienate Angela afterwards. While there is a difference in the end (the former episode had Angela reflecting on Demona's possible death, while the two part ways here), both have a somber end.
  • The trio is trapped behind a wall of two feet thick steel. A plan good enough that the Illuminati use it (plus footage and audio) in "To Serve Mankind".
  • Though Disney's since-pulled YouTube playlist for TGC included this episode, for reasons unspecified, it was set to private.

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