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Iona is a small island in Scotland.


According to a story told by Shari, Merlin and Pelles brought the Stone of Destiny to Iona after it had served their purposes. Later, Saint Columba returned to Iona after taming the Loch Ness Monster, and died there after laying his head down upon the Stone. ("Rock & Roll")

Iona was considered a holy place by Medieval Scots, and Maol Chalvim I was buried there. ("Once Upon A Time There Were Three Brothers...")

Real World Background

As in the Gargoyles Universe, Iona was an important center of Scottish Christianity, originally founded in the 6th century by Saint Columba. Maol Chalvim I was indeed buried at the abbey there, as were Kings Duncan, Macbeth and Donald Ban.

Iona was originally called "Ioua"; the more familiar version of its name comes from Dr. Samuel Johnson's A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. (Shakespeare calls it "Colmekill" in Macbeth, derived from the Gaelic "I Choluim Chille".)

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