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[[Image:GargoylesComic4.JPG|thumb|360px|Gargoyles #4 - Unfinished cover]]
gargoyles suck
Writer/Creator: [[Weisman, Greg|Greg Weisman]]
Pencil Artist: [[Paniry, Nir|Nir Paniry]]
Color Artist:
Art Director/Cover Pencil Artist: [[Guler, Greg|Greg Guler]]
Cover Color Artist: [[Lostimolo, Stephanie|Stephanie Lostimolo]]
[[Thailog]]'s back in town! In an adventure that takes us from the [[Labyrinth]] to the [[Eyrie Building|Eyrie]] to the [[White House]], the evil clone of [[Goliath]] is determined to collect on his debts. Can the scattered clan come together in time to stop Thailog and save Goliath? And does Goliath want to be saved, now that [[Maza, Elisa|Elisa]] has broken his heart?"
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| '''[[Clan Building Chapter Three: Invitation Only|<< Previous Episode: "Clan Building" Chapter Three: "Invitation Only"]]'''
| '''[[Clan Building Chapter Five: Bash|Next Episode: "Clan Building" Chapter Five: "Bash" >>]]'''
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gargoyles suck