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'''Voice Actor:''' [[Peter Scolari]]
'''Voice Actor:''' [[Peter Scolari]]
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Preston Vogel

Preston Vogel - Halcyon Renard’s aide-de-camp.


Vogel is, regrettably, somewhat less concerned with honor and morality than his employer. During the maiden flight of "Fortress Two", he secretly made a deal with Fox, helping to sabotage the robots manning the airship as per her instructions, and even framing Goliath for their behavior. However, after seeing how Renard was willing to risk himself and stay on board to prevent "Fortress Two" from colliding with the Cyberbiotics Tower, he became suitably moved that he chose to stay and help his employer. Goliath afterwards forced Vogel to confess having been part of Fox’s scheme. Renard, while disappointed and disgusted, finally forgave Vogel and kept him on for having chosen the honorable path in the end.

Vogel accompanied Renard to Prague during the Golem adventure, even assisting his employer in transfering his soul to the Golem. Later on, without Renard’s knowledge, he conducted a rain forest-clearing operation in Guatemala for Cyberbiotics, which brought him into contact and conflict with the local gargoyles. Also without Renard’s knowledge, he employed Jackal and Hyena to destroy the Mayan Clan, but when they failed, decided to call off the operation altogether. He also assisted Renard on board "Fortress Two" during the battle with Oberon over Alex.

Vogel bears a striking resemblance to Owen Burnett in both appearance and mannerisms, in particular displaying a similar stiff and almost wooden efficiency; their chief physical difference is that Vogel is dark-haired and Owen fair-haired. The reason for this is that Puck, when creating the alias of Owen, used Vogel as his source of inspiration.

Production Background

Voice Actor: Peter Scolari