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"Ransom" is the second episode of the non-canonical The Goliath Chronicles, and the 67th televised episode of the series.


Opening Monologue

"The human passion for money is an emotion that gargoyles do not understand. When wealth is used toward health and security, we appreciate the value in its fevered creation. But when riches simply adorn or fuel ambition, we see envy, discord, and the temptation to sacrifice all righteousness to achieve them. We see innocent victims, and we grieve."


Lexington helps Fox and Xanatos care for their young son Alex and a clear bond develops between gargoyle and child. Meanwhile, Pat Doyle, a corrupt politician, stirs up hatred against gargoyles, using established prejudice as a platform to help get himself elected as mayor. He has a group of his agents attack the Eyrie Building, kidnap Alex, and demand a gargoyle in return for the baby. Through both of these public crises, Doyle hopes to turn himself into a hero in the eyes of the voters, clinching the election. While Xanatos is adamant about not giving into the kidnappers' wishes, believing it will only be the beginning of their problems, Lexington allows himself to be taken. After giving himself up, Lexington is locked down and publicly humiliated, with the assurance of extermination later on. As the campaign comes to a head, however, the Manhattan Clan is able to find and rescue the baby in Doyle's campaign headquarters, linking the crime to Doyle himself. Doyle, his plans ruined, tries to take Alex hostage in a gambit to avoid arrest. Fortunately, Lexington breaks free of his bonds and rescues the baby. Doyle is arrested, and Alex is returned to his grateful parents.

First Appearances


  • Fox's behavior in this episode deviates heavily from her established personality. After Alex is kidnapped, she quickly breaks down, acting irrational and helpless. Greg Weisman has acknowledged this as his biggest problem with the episode. [1]
  • The story as originally planned would have centered around the four tricksters (Puck, Raven, Anansi and Coyote), but would have been modified to center on Raven (dropping Anansi and Coyote from the story). [2]

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