Rikers Island

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Rikers Island

Rikers Island is the prison where the Pack (except for Dingo) were incarcerated following their initial arrests. ("Her Brother's Keeper") Dingo and Coyote 1.0 broke them out (except for Fox), and Fox was afterwards granted an early parole for refusing to escape and for protecting a guard from Hyena. ("Leader of the Pack")

In December 1995, Tony Dracon was sent to Rikers after the gargoyles and police foiled his protection racket. ("Protection") [1]

After his turf war with the Dracons, Tomas Brod wound up sharing a prison cell with Tony, much to the delight of Elisa. ("Turf", "A Little Crazy")

Jason Canmore was also incarcerated here after his arrest; his sister Robyn visited him there on December 31, 1996. ("Estranged")

Hyena and Wolf were re-imprisoned in Rikers after the events of "The Green" and "Vendettas", but Jackal broke them out in early 1997. ("Phoenix")

In May 1997, Goliath was detained at Rikers after being captured by the Gargoyle Taskforce in Central Park. ("Render Unto Caesar")

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