Rory Dugan

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Rory Dugan

Rory Dugan is an Irish human and is the present-day reincarnation of Cu Chullain.


A young man living in Liscoo, Ireland, Rory felt discouraged as to his future; he did not know his true heritage, had completed school, and knew no trades. [1] The Banshee, aware of his true nature and wishing to ensure that she would not have to battle Cu Chullain again, took on a mortal guise as Molly and did all that she could to steer Rory's thoughts away from discovering that he was Cu Chullain reborn; she encouraged him to commit petty thefts and even suggested that he move to America. Apparently, Molly became Rory's girlfriend as well. [2]

Rory discovered his heritage when he met Bronx, however, when the gargoyle beast and his companions came to Ireland on the Avalon World Tour. Bronx led him to Cairn na Chullain, where he finally discovered that he was the reincarnated Cu Chullain. He took up the Gae Bolga and used it to defeat the Banshee once more. Rory now serves as the reborn Cu Chullain, presumably to perform great deeds for Ireland again. ("The Hound of Ulster")

He will presumably encounter Molly/Banshee in the future, but not neccesarily as an enemy. [3][4]


Using the Gae Bolga (which when not activated resembles a simple stick of wood), Rory Dugan can transform into Cu Chullain, complete with armor. Mr. Dugan is Rory's father.


Production Background

Voice Actor: Scott Cleverdon