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  • ...them entry and even tried to turn them into owls; the [[Magus]] responded by [[Blowback Spell|turning their spell]] back upon them, transforming them in ...s_Link|magically bind]] them together, in the guise of rejuvenating Demona by transferring Macbeth's youth to her; in the process, they made them both im
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  • She can be distinguished from the others by her black hair. Seline is the most severe of the three; she was the one who * [[Ill Met By Moonlight|"Ill Met By Moonlight"]]
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  • She can be distinguished from the others by her blond hair. She is supposedly more gentle and kindly than [[Luna]] and * [[Ill Met By Moonlight|"Ill Met By Moonlight"]]
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  • She can be distinguished from the others by her silver/white hair. Luna is the most mystical of the three. She foretold * [[Ill Met By Moonlight|"Ill Met By Moonlight"]]
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  • ...|the Castle rose above the clouds]]), Katharine made what amends she could by promising to take care of the [[egg]]s in the [[rookery]]. ''([[Awakening P ...who usurped the Scottish throne, and decided to strengthen his claim to it by marrying Katharine. To ensure her cooperation, he threatened to destroy the
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  • ...ery brothers and sisters, in peace and isolation from the [[Earth|world]]. By [[Timeline#1995|1995]], she had become romantically involved with [[Gabriel ...[[Avalon Part Three|"Avalon" Part Three]], [[Ill Met By Moonlight|"Ill Met By Moonlight"]])''
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  • ...the [[Norman Ambassador]], were beset near [[Castle Wyvern]], but rescued by the time-travelling [[David Xanatos|Xanatos]], [[Fox]], and [[Petros Xanato '''Voice Actor:''' [[Kath Soucie]]
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  • ...scaped [[Gen-U-Tech Systems|Gen-U-Tech]] (being actually prompted to do so by Sevarius, as part of the scheme to mutate [[Talon|Derek]]), and encountered ...inment-fan-qa/] After dawn, she and [[Mary]], her mid-wife, were kidnapped by Thailog and Sevarius to determine if her child inherited any mutagenic trai
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  • ...and his Vikings after the [[Captain of the Guard]]'s betrayal, but rescued by Goliath and his [[clan]]. ''([[Awakening Part One|"Awakening: Part One"]], For two years, the two women were pursued by Constantine's men, on orders from him to recover the ''Grimorum''. In [[Tim
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  • ...use was worth any sacrifice. She quickly surrendered after being defeated by the [[Manhattan Clan]]. ''([[City of Stone Part One|"City of Stone" Part On '''Voice Actor:''' [[Kath Soucie]]
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  • ...TV series)|Gargoyles]]'' and ''W.I.T.C.H.'' They are listed alphabetically by surname. *[[Kath Soucie]] - Nerissa, Sandpit
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  • ...est, and attempted to kill [[Elisa Maza]] in the process, but was defeated by the detective. ''([[Awakening Part Four|"Awakening Part Four"]])'' She was later assigned to [[Gen-U-Tech Systems|Gen-U-Tech]] and was attacked by [[Maggie the Cat]] when she escaped the laboratory. ''([[Metamorphosis|"Met
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