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Is there any canonical or CIT consistency with characters only mentioned (and not necessarily by name) in canon?

So while revisiting CBV2, I noticed Constantine and Kenneth III in separate scenes mention their and Maol's fathers (though not by name) in "The Gate." Now, we saw Kenneth II in "Avalon" Part One, but Culen and Duff are currently listed as CIT. I almost edited both pages to make these CIT characters canon, but thought best to double check to see if being mentioned (and whether by name or not) was enough to pass muster.

Long story short, I think it might be best to simply list what mentioned-only characters have so far been categorized as canon or CIT . . . I only included mentioned, but not seen characters, so characters like the Emir's Son (by photograph) and Stuart Canmore are not as ambiguous as those below (since, they've definitely been seen in the series, despite not having canonical names -- any of the other random, but obviously canonical, extras on the show aren't being doubted here either, like the Jogger, Nought, the Fortress-1 Captain, or the Terrorist from "City of Stone" Part One). I tried to be thorough, but I may have missed some here or there . . .

Canon (referred to by name in the series) -- William Shakespeare, Lyndon B. Johnson, Thomas Malory, Minotaur, Isis, Osiris, Pharaoh, Theodore Roosevelt, Ruaidri, Set, Thoth, and nearly every Celebrity Hockey player (Easton was briefly seen on TV)
Canon (names only known through real world or AskGreg) -- Ollie, Satan
CIT (referred to by name in the series) -- Dracula, Ragnal, Santa Claus
CIT (names only known through real world or AskGreg) -- Aron Canmore, Jackson Canmore, Bill Clinton, Culen, Duff

It should also be noted that despite being mentioned in the SLG comics, Abraham, Isaac, and Esau still don't have pages, but I suspect they'd be considered canonical as much as Isis, Osiris, Set, and Thoth are. I imagine being real world characters must have some weight in all this (not to mention our fandom's working mantra of "All things are true . . . few things are accurate"), but right now, (historical, mythological, or legendary) character pages in that category are still split between Canon and CIT. Xanatos also mentioned FDR and joked Andrew Johnson in "Bash" and Matt Bluestone mentioned The Mayor in "Invitation Only", for what its worth. --Pheon 22:23, 24 October 2016 (PDT)