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Chaw and Chomp (top) and Kermit and True (bottom).

"True" was a female gargoyle of Demona's Clan.


"True" hatched in 978 in the rookery of the Wyvern Clan with her rookery siblings, including Bronx and Kermit. [1] Unknown to all, and of no consequence, she was the third biological child of Hudson and his mate. [2] This makes Hyppolyta and Broadway her older biological siblings. [3]

Though the exact details are currently unknown, it seems very likely that True left the Wyvern Clan to join the Wyvern Splinter Clan when it was formed sometime between 988 and 994. [4] She somehow managed to escape whatever fate befell the rest of her clan along with a few other gargoyles and eventually joined the Lunfanan Cell of Demona's Clan.

After learning of the death of the Sruighlea Cell of the clan, True suggested holding a Wind Ceremony. She went into hiding and was not present at the Battle of Rathveramoen due to her young age. [5]

True's fate is unknown, but she is not seen among the gargoyles who make up the Lunfanan Hill Cell of Demona's Clan in 1020. She may have died by that time or perhaps was spending more of her time in another Cell.


True inherited characteristics from both her biological parents. From her father, she inherited her tan skin coloring and her white hair. True also sports a small crest with points along the top of her head and wings with two digits at the apex, which she presumably inherited from her mother. She wears a simple blue dress. Demona has called her "Little One".


Production Background

The name "True" has been used in past descriptions of Hudson's youngest biological daughter by Greg Weisman and was later used to identify her in the script for "Tyrants". [6] In the context of the story, she does not have a name. Giving her a name in the script simply made it easier to quickly explain which gargoyle she is and saved Greg Weisman from having to type something like "Hudson's Surviving Biological Daughter" over and over again.