Westminster Abbey

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Westminister Abbey - One of the most famous churches of London.


Westminster Abbey was originally built by Edward the Confessor (1042-1066), who was King of England during Canmore’s overthrow of Macbeth; it was later on rebuilt by Henry III (1216-1272), producing the present-day building. Westminster Abbey serves as the traditional place of coronation for the King or Queen of England or Great Britain, having served this role ever since 1066. It is also the place of burial for many noteworthy English figures, including a number of past monarchs. Between 1296 and 1996, the Stone of Destiny was kept here, beneath the Coronation Chair.

King Arthur came to Westminster Abbey upon his arrival in London, originally for the purpose of standing vigil there. However, Griff saw him enter and went to investigate, leading to their meeting. Arthur then encountered the Stone of Destiny, who told him that he must prove himself worthy once again to wield Excalibur, and transported him and Griff to New York, to quest for the magic sword there.