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This is a canon-in-training article. Information in this article is subject to change before it becomes canon.

Antarctica is the southern-most continent on Earth. Due to its location at the South Pole, the continent is extremely cold, and covered in glaciers. It is bordered on all sides by oceans. The majority of the continent is located within the Antarctic Circle and therefore, during the summer months the sun never sets, and during the winter months it never rises above the horizon.

The continent has never been inhabited by human beings apart from some scientific research stations, but the coasts are home to many birds and marine mammals because the cold waters are very rich in nutrients and fish. Antarctica has never had gargoyle inhabitants either, probably due to the extreme day-night cycle as much as the weather. [1][2] Some time before 2188, King Arthur Pendragon and his Knights will found a settlement on Antarctica, named New Camelot, where humans and gargoyles will live together. [3] The Master Matrix will also be located in Antarctica. [4] When the Space-Spawn invade the planet in 2198, one of their first acts will be to attack New Camelot and steal the Master Matrix. [5]

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