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Information in this article is apocryphal and should not be considered canon.
Little Anton

Little Anton was a giant gargoyle created by Anton Sevarius.


When the Clones were suffering a fatal disease, Sevarius convinced the Manhattan Clan to donate DNA samples to create a cure. However, Sevarius instead used these samples to bring his enormous gargoyle creation to life. "Little Anton" was several times larger than a normal gargoyle and very loyal to Sevarius. He battled the Manhattan Clan and an ailing Thailog to protect his "father" after the gargoyles learned that Sevarius never intended to cure the clones. After Thailog succumbed to the illness, Goliath ended the battle by injecting Little Anton with a fast-acting strain of the disease, turning him to stone almost instantly. Sevarius seemed genuinely saddened by the loss of his latest creation. ("Genesis Undone")