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Ophelia - A member of the Avalon clan.


She participated in the defense of Avalon from both the Archmage and Oberon. During the latter battle, however, she raised her doubts about whether her clan truly had the right to battle against Oberon, since he was merely seeking to regain what was rightfully his. She and Gabriel are mates; Ophelia has become second-in-command to the Avalon clan since Angela’s departure for the outside world.


Ophelia’s most distinctive feature is her triceratops-style crest.

{Ophelia is named after one of the two leading female figures in William Shakespeare’s "Hamlet". The Ophelia of Shakespeare is the daughter of Polonius, the chief advisor to King Claudius of Denmark, and sister to Laertes. She and Hamlet are at first lovers, but their romance ends after Polonius orders Ophelia to stop seeing Hamlet and Hamlet becomes too focused on his pursuit of revenge upon Claudius to have time for love any further. After Hamlet treats her savagely in the "Get thee to a nunnery!" scene and later on kills her father, Ophelia goes mad, walks about singing and handing out flowers to everyone, and at last falls into a river and drowns. It is to be hoped that the Ophelia of "Gargoyles" will not suffer a similar fate.}

Production Background

Voice Actor: Kath Soucie