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Information in this article is apocryphal and should not be considered canon.
The Assassin

The Assassin was a masked human who appeared in only one episode of The Goliath Chronicles, working alongside Demona in "Generations". His name and origin are unknown; even the title "Assassin" appears only in the episode's credits.


The Assassin made his first appearance in "Generations" when he attacked Demona as Demona was attempting to free Angela, Goliath, and Brooklyn from a Quarrymen ambush. He wore a suit that enabled him to cloak himself, rendering him invisible to the naked eye, and was armed with a gun capable of firing a wide range of projectiles, including lasers, tranquilizer darts, and possibly nets. Besides this, the Assassin also showed an odd affinity for theatrical metaphors and evil laughter. After continuing his campaign against the gargoyles, he finally succeeded in capturing Goliath with the help of the Quarrymen.

The Assassin and the Quarrymen moved the captured gargoyle to a barge, where the Assassin's "real" plan was revealed: working side-by-side with Demona, he planned to lure the rest of the clan to the harbor (complete with a two feet thick steel wall trap), where they would arrive too late to stop the Assassin from killing Goliath, spurring the clan to welcome Demona back into their fold. It wasn't long, though, before he announced that his true intentions were to kill all of the gargoyles - apparently his lifelong goal, although he gave absolutely no explanation as to why.

The Assassin never got to embark upon his unexplained killing spree. Goliath broke free of his chains just as he was about to shoot Angela and Demona, and managed to defeat him.

Behind the Scenes

Voice Actor: Lawrence Bayne