Felice's Meats

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Goliath and Fox face off at Felice's Meats.
The rooftop (with the neon sign in the background).

Felice's Meats is a meat supplier in New York City, established in 1934. It occupies a tall building in New York for use as a warehouse, with a neon sign on the roof and a smaller sign by the loading dock at ground level.

David Xanatos tracked Fox to this warehouse on 31 October 1995, when she had been mutated into a ravenous werefox by the Eye of Odin. He followed her inside the building, but she overpowered him and severely damaged his Steel Clan exo-frame. When she attempted to flee, she was accosted by Goliath and Elisa Maza outside (the two of them having been alerted to her presence by an earlier anonymous tip from Xanatos). Goliath managed to defeat her, but Xanatos failed to remove the Eye of Odin and she fled again. ("Eye of the Beholder")

In May 1997, Dino Dracon placed a bomb in the car of Grisha Volkov outside of Felice's Meats and it exploded nearly killing Grisha and his valet, Sidor. ("Underwater")