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Dino Dracon in 1997

Dino Dracon is the uncle of Tony and Antoinette Dracon, son of Dominic Dracon and a significant leader in the Dracon crime family.


Dino Dracon (Rubber Brooklyn Mask), Glasses (Rubber Broadway Mask), and Pal Joey (Rubber Lexington Mask)

The Dracons have long been a major criminal family in New York, going all the way back to Dino's father Dominic Dracon in the 1920s, at least, and Dino followed in the family tradition. He developed a reputation for violence and chaotic behavior and found himself in prison. In 1997, Dino was released from the Sing Sing Correctional Facility. Within minutes of being released, Dino assaulted Pal Joey for splashing water on his shoes. Glasses caught him up to speed on the organized crime situation regarding the Five Families, Tomas Brod, and Jack Dane. And, using something he'd read about in prison, Dino quickly began a plan to take back control of the city.

He, Glasses, and Pal Joey assaulted and kidnapped Rosaria Sanchez and Peter Choy (while wearing masks shaped like the heads of Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington) which successfully set Choi Yingpei and Huracán Sanchez against one another. Moments after kidnapping the teenagers, Dino was confronted by Goliath, but the battle was interrupted by the arrival of the Gargoyle Taskforce who subsequently captured the gargoyle leader as Dino escaped. ("Tale Old as Time", "Render Unto Caesar")

Dino's plans to assume complete control of the New York City Underworld were in full swing as he began to pit the heads of the other families against each other. He forced Rosaria and Peter to pose for photos manipulating their crime lord family members, Choi Yingpei and Huracan Sanchez, into going to war with each other. He planted a bomb, the same type of bomb hat Jack Dane taught him to make on Grisha Volkov's car, setting his syndicate against Brod's (and giving Wolf permission to kill Tony in prison, alongside Brod). He robbed a shipping container full of Cybots from Cyberbiotics, framing Volkov's gang; and stole a RECAP visor from a Xanatos Enterprises truck, implicating Choi's people and used them to attempt an assassination of Izaak Slaughter; whom was subsequently saved by Lexington and Broadway. Dino hoped that Slaughter would blame one of the other families, but the Harlem gangster began to figure out they were all being duped. Unbeknownst to Dino – throughout all this – his niece, Antoinette Dracon was providing information to the Manhattan Clan. ("Underwater", "Everywhere", "Mayday")

Like most of the city, Dino watched Goliath's Hearing on television – admitting that it took real guts for Elisa Maza to reveal her love for Goliath on the stand ("New Rules") But as his plans to pit the crime families against each other began to truly unravel, Dino decided to murder his hostages and send what was left of them back to Choi Yingpei and Huracan Sanchez. But Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway, and Gnash appeared (thanks to information provided by Antoinette), and rescued Peter and Rosaria, bringing them home. ("Young At Heart")

A desperate Dino Dracon had one last card to play, he planted bombs at the precincts nearest to where the leaders of the families operated, hoping to bring the authorities down on his rivals. He also intended to deal with the gargoyles once and for all by "working on" an arrangement of some kind with John Castaway. Receiving an invitation to Izaak Slaughter's summit, Dino sent his father, Dominic, to represent the Dracon Family and warned Antoinette to stay away from it. Knowing what this meant, Antoinette warned the Manhattan Clan who disposed of the bombs and crashed the summit to disable the bomb planted there. But Dino himself appeared, intent on blowing everyone in attendance up with a bomb he held with a dead-man's switch and leaping into the East River to survive. But when Dominic expressed disappointment, telling his second son that this wasn't how Anthony Dracon Sr. would have behaved, a deranged Dino lost it and revealed that Anthony was dead and he was the one that had killed him. A shocked Dominic Dracon shot his son in the chest. Dino Dracon fell backwards out the window, his hand releasing the switch at which point his bomb exploded. Nothing was found. ("Cold Comfort")

In the aftermath of Dino Dracon's apparent demise, the other crime families made peace; with Dominic Dracon recognized as Pater Familias. But with Dominic's mental state being what it was, he was in actuality controlled by his granddaughter Antoinette – who had given control of all of New York City's organized crime family to Demona. ("Cold Comfort")


A Howitzer with a hair-trigger

Dino Dracon was known for his hair-trigger temper and for being a loose cannon. When he was sent to prison, he learned to be more patient and much more of a thinker. When he was finally released and went to war against the other crime families, he used his own reputation to his advantage to pit them all against one another. However, despite this, he might not be as clever as he thinks he is; his plan started to unravel once Izaak Slaughter began to figure things out. His father, Dominic, also expressed disbelief that Dino actually read something. ("Miracle Child", "Underwater", "Young At Heart", "Tale Old as Time")