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Pal Joey
Dino Dracon (Rubber Brooklyn Mask), Glasses (Rubber Broadway Mask), and Pal Joey (Rubber Lexington Mask)

Pal Joey is a member of Tony Dracon's mob.


In 1995, Pal Joey blew up Matt Bluestone's apartment in order to prevent the NYPD from connecting his disappearance to the Dracons. While he also attempted to kill Elisa Maza, he was driven off by Broadway and later arrested. ("The Silver Falcon")

He was later brought in for questioning by Bluestone (after Glasses blew up Art and Lois') where he was threatened by Elisa, pretending to be a dirty cop, as part of an operation to get her close to Dracon. When Goliath and Broadway joined Elisa in this plan, Dracon ordered Pal Joey to escort the two gargoyles to a dry cleaners that wouldn't pay (Pal Joey was visibly unhappy about this), and he was foiled from blowing it up by Broadway. ("Protection")

In 1996, Pal Joey participated in Dracon's turf war against Tomas Brod only to wind up in prison when the endgame resulted in the shattering of both syndicates. ("Turf")

He was out of prison by 1997, and in May drove Antoinette Dracon to Bellevue Hospital for Dominic Dracon's release. ("Idyll or Nightmare") A short time later, Pal Joey drove Antoinette to pick up her uncle, Dino Dracon as he was being released from Sing Sing. When he pulled up in front of the prison, he accidently splashed some water on Dino's shoes and, in response, Dino assaulted Pal Joey and threw him out of the vehicle. Pal Joey later rejoined Glasses and Dino, donning a mask resembling Lexington and kidnapping Rosaria Sanchez and Peter Choy. He proceeded to carry out several missions assigned by Dino, alongside Glasses, such as an attempt on Izaak Slaughter's life, but mostly held Peter and Rosaria hostage. When Dino decided to eliminate his hostages, Pal Joey took part in the fight against the Trio and Gnash. ("Tale Old as Time", "Underwater", "Everywhere", "Young At Heart")


Pal Joey is one of the Dracon Family's most prominent enforcers. He's been ordered to ransack and blow up Matt Bluestone's apartment as well as blow up small businesses that refused to pay protection money... with or without their owners inside. He has shown no hesitation and remorse in carrying out such acts of violence.

However, despite being a ruthless gangster, Pal Joey is barely respected as Antoinette Dracon once pointed out to him. Tony Dracon often ignored his recommendations, especially when ordered to work with the gargoyles to blow up a dry cleaners. He was even violently assaulted by Dino Dracon for the minor offense of splashing a little puddle water on his shoes by accident.


Production Background

Voice Actor: Michael Bell

Pal Joey was named for the movie of the same name.