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Gnash in 1997.

Nashville (or Gnash for short) is a male gargoyle of the Manhattan Clan.


Gnash dressed as Blackbeard on Halloween, 1997.

Brooklyn and Katana produced the egg containing Nashville during their TimeDancer adventures and he hatched eighteen years before they finally return home to Manhattan in early 1997. This makes him the equivalent of a nine year old human when he joins the Manhattan Clan. The year he actually hatched in was 1978. That being the case, when he arrived in Manhattan in 1997 he was the same age as any other gargoyles that hatched in 1978 despite his time traveling adventures between the time of his hatching and his arrival in New York. [1]

Gnash was given his name seemingly in connection to the warship U.S.S. Nashville, which his parents visited while he was still in his egg. After he hatched, he spent his early life traveling through time and space with Brooklyn, Katana, and Fu-Dog. Because he was not a part of any one clan during his early childhood, Nashville is aware of his biological parentage and only views Brooklyn and Katana as rookery parents.Throughout his childhood, he was told stories about his father's camaraderie with his brothers Broadway and Lexington together making the famous Trio. ("Underwater", "Young At Heart", "Cold Comfort")

Gnash joined the Manhattan Clan in 1997 as the youngest gargoyle member (if you don't count the as-yet-unhatched Egwardo). Since his arrival, he has become a fan of Celebrity Hockey which he watches with Hudson. ("Phoenix", "Idyll or Nightmare")

In May 1997, Gnash joined Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington on a mission to free Rosaria Sanchez and Peter Choy from Dino Dracon and his men. They were successful and Gnash, who had yet to see the Trio's teamwork and friendship in action, finally got to see them defeat their foes together. Not long after, he was sent to remove a bomb placed by Dracon in a police station. He ensured the bomb exploded harmlessly over the river. Despite these adventures, he felt that he was not allowed to go anywhere or do anything. ("Young At Heart", "Cold Comfort", "Questions")

On Halloween, 1997, Gnash (dressed as Blackbeard) went trick-or-treating and befriended Terry Chung, Billy and Susan Greene. After learning of an imminent Quarryman attack on the Greenwich Village Halloween block party from a pair of bullies, Gnash and his new friends (alongside Bronx and Fu-Dog), made their way downtown and put a stop to the attack. Afterwards, with Katana's blessing, Gnash continued trick-or-treating alongside his new friends. ("Trick-Or-Treat")


Nashville strongly resembles his biological father, Brooklyn, but with Katana's blue coloring and black hair. He wears a torn t-shirt with USN written on it (which stands for United States Navy), a pair of shorts, and carries a kodachi on his belt. [2] He also greatly prefers being called Gnash over his full name.

Nashville speaks at least two languages, English and Japanese. [3][4] He has a knowledge of British slang. ("A Little Crazy")

As of "Phoenix", Nashville hasn't taken a life. [5]



"Religious Studies 101: A Handful of Thorns"

While Nashville played with Angela, Brooklyn announced to Broadway and Lexington that he and Katana had decided that they wanted the whole clan to be Nashville and Egwardo's rookery parents. [6]