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Terry Chung On Halloween, 1996.
Terry Chung on New Year's Eve, 1996.
Terry Chung as a young man. (The New Olympians)

Terry Chung is a human boy who will one day help bring the New Olympians into contact with the outside world. (The New Olympians)


In 1996, Terry went trick-or-treating with Billy and Susan Greene and their mother on Halloween, dressed as a gargoyle. ("Masque")

On New Year's Eve, 1996, Terry was present at Times Square with Tri Chung, counting down the arrival of the new year and noticed Fang flying above the crowd. ("Louse")

Years from now, after graduating from MIT and turning twenty-one, Terry will rashly decide to sail around the world on his own, and will run into a storm near New Olympus. [1] He will almost perish, but will be rescued by Sphinx, who will bring him to New Olympus. There, Terry will be placed on "trial" by the New Olympians, much as Elisa was; but the New Olympians' final decision will be to make contact with humanity and establish diplomatic relations to them. [2] Terry will accompany the delegation of Taurus, Talos, and Sphinx to the United Nations Building in New York City, after which his mother will become the United Nations ambassador to New Olympus. [3][4][5] Terry and Sphinx will eventually enter into a Romeo-and-Juliet-style relationship, much to the alarm, disgust, and opposition of their fellow humans and New Olympians alike. [6][7]


Terry Chung is a twelve year-old human male of Chinese-American descent. [8][9] His mother is Amanda Chung, a United States ambassador. Tri Chung is his cousin. [10]


Production Background

According to Greg Weisman, had the The New Olympians spin-off been greenlit when it was originally pitched, Terry would have been older in Gargoyles timeline. Weisman began refining his Master Plan by the late nineties and ultimately placed the "inciting events" of The New Olympians later, requiring a significantly younger Terry in 1996. [11]