Sarah Browne

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Sarah Browne

Sarah Browne is the mother of Billy and Susan Greene. She is married to William Greene.


Her first encounter with the gargoyles took place during Goliath and Lexington's first battle with the Pack. Her husband shrugged it off as a publicity stunt, but Sarah was still visibly frightened at what she saw. ("The Thrill of the Hunt")

After the events on the Hunter's Moon, Sarah appeared on Nightwatch voicing her fear of the gargoyles. She was one of the first to join the Quarrymen. ("Nightwatch")

Sarah took her children and Terry Chung trick-or-treating on Halloween 1996, and she gave a passing glance at the two Quarrymen walking down the street in full regalia. ("Masque")


Production Background

Voice Actors: Salli Richardson (in "The Thrill of the Hunt"); B.J. Ward (in "The Journey")

In the script for "The Thrill of the Hunt", Sarah was referred to as "Billy's Mom". Greg Weisman has since revealed her name as Sarah Browne. [1][2] She kept her maiden name. [3]