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The Xanatos Enterprises Logo

Xanatos Enterprises is the giant corporation created and run by David Xanatos. The Eyrie Building in New York City is its headquarters.


Its known divisions include PackMedia Studios (an entertainment division that produced The Pack), Gen-U-Tech Systems (which covers genetic engineering), the Scarab Corporation (which deals with robotics), and Xanatos Construction. Another area that Xanatos Enterprises has expanded into is weaponry (such as the particle beam accelerators which Tony Dracon stole). The company may also be developing the technology that created the Matrix for more mundane, industrial exploits. ("The Thrill of the Hunt", "Metamorphosis", "Awakening: Part Five", "Deadly Force") [1]

Xanatos Enterprises also owns the lease of the oil rig located near Black Rock Point. Sevarius and Lexington have indicated that the company is involved in the selling of junk bonds and engages in shady business deals. ("Metamorphosis", "Kingdom") [2]

In addition to Xanatos's Helicopter, it also has a corporate jet.

Cyberbiotics seems to be the main rival corporation of Xanatos Enterprises, although Nightstone Unlimited has recently entered the field. [3]