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King Lear, also called The Tragedy of King Lear, is a play written by William Shakespeare around 1606 about a father who divides his kingdom between two of this three daughters, and the tragic consequences that follow. [1]

David Xanatos once quoted the play to his father with the line, "Reason not the need," reversing the roles of parent and child from Act II, Scene iv in the original play. ("Vows") [2]

Production Background

Thailog was, in part, inspired by the King Lear character, Edmund. [3][4] The name Lear was also briefly considered for an early take on Goliath (who was still immortal) when the series was being developed. [5]

Greg Weisman has written that his favorite Shakespeare character is Edmund, partly from performing the role in the past and developing an affinity for the character. [6][7][8]

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