Michael Peter Maza

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Michael Peter Maza with parents.

Michael Peter Maza is the son of Talon and Maggie the Cat.


While on the verge of giving birth, Maggie the Cat was abducted by Thailog and taken to the Nightstone Unlimited Building, along with the midwife, Mary. Thailog's intent was to raise the child as his own, while Anton Sevarius took a scientific interest in it. To their disappointment, the child was born human. At which point, Thailog released his prisoners.

Upon returning to the Labyrinth, Talon and Maggie named their child. ("Miracle Child")


Michael Peter Maza displaying unusual traits.

Michael Peter Maza was named for his maternal and paternal grandfathers. Though he appears to be human, which Sevarius’s genetic tests confirmed; any unusual traits from his unique heritage have yet to be observed by his parents. ("Miracle Child")


Production Background

Greg Weisman revealed on the Voices from the Eyrie podcast that Michael was named in honor of Michael Reaves. [1]