Nokkar's Ship

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The bridge of Nokkar's ship.

Nokkar's Ship is a star ship capable of traveling across the galaxy. It is also Nokkar's base and home on the planet Earth since 400 AD. [1] It is currently hidden below the surface of Easter Island. ("Sentinel")


The bridge of the ship is fairly large, and Nokkar is known to keep prisoners in gravitational force bubbles (or whatever those things are), presumably since a Sentinel is not permitted to take prisoners (as such, the ship might not have a brig).

A malleable, tongue-like laser weapon emerges from the big, blue egg... thing in the center of the bridge to execute prisoners. A laser cannon that Nokkar can personally station does emerge from the hull of the ship.

The ship is also populated by small, robotic insects. Their purpose is, as of yet, unknown. There are also glowy, gold things.

It also has a viewing screen.