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"Sentinel" is the fifty-second televised episode of the series Gargoyles, and the thirty-ninth episode of Season 2. It originally aired on February 19, 1996.


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Main Plot

Elisa is asleep when the travellers reach Easter Island. The alien sentinel, Nokkar, mistakes the gargoyles as hostile beings sent by his Space-Spawn enemies. He gives Elisa temporary amnesia in order to clean out the false memories that he believes the gargoyles have given her. Walking aimlessly around the island, Elisa encounters the archaeologists Lydia Duane and Arthur Morwood-Smyth, and goes with them to their hotel room to be checked out by a doctor. Goliath retrieves her, but she is afraid and confused, and is hostile towards him. He tries to remind her of their friendship, but is captured by Nokkar along with Angela and Bronx. Nokkar is about to kill the gargoyles, but Elisa releases them and protects them from Nokkar, acting upon her instincts of loyalty to her friends.


Earth has been a strategic outpost for the N'Kai against the Space Spawn many centuries ago. Nokkar has been at his post for eons, and refuses to abandon it.

Nokkar misses the company of the natives that he had befriended long ago, and who had erected the famous stone statues based on his appearance. Elisa suggests that Nokkar befriend the two archaeologists and Dr. Arnada so that he wouldn't be lonely while he continues standing vigil at his post.

First Appearances





  • "Yeah, I'm jumping for joy here, doc." - Elisa
  • "I suppose that's a start." - Goliath
  • "Just shut up and land." - Elisa
  • "Whoa, Tiny, you mean there's more than one of you?"
"My name is not 'Tiny'. I am Goliath." - Elisa and Goliath
  • "Take this world? Take it where?" - Angela
  • "Yes, well, we haven't encountered the Holy Grail yet." - Goliath
  • "The megaliths were a lasting tribute. Erected by the natives I befriended long ago, and swore to protect." - Nokkar
  • "Stow the melodrama, I'm immune." - Elisa
  • "Maybe I'm missing some memories, but I still have my instincts. And they tell me these creatures are my friends." - Elisa


Lydia Duane and Arthur Morwood-Smyth appear for the first time since their introduction in "A Lighthouse in the Sea of Time".

The Holy Grail, which Elisa and Goliath casually mention in this episode, will appear briefly on-stage in "Rock of Ages".


Although Elisa muses, at the end of this episode, over the possibility that the Space-Spawn War could be long since over, that (naturally) is not the case. Greg Weisman had planned a "sequel series" to Gargoyles entitled Gargoyles 2198, in which the Space-Spawn would finally reach Earth in the year 2198 and conquer it. Nokkar, chagrined over having failed to spot their approach (the Space-Spawn's technology had become so advanced by this time that their ships couldn't be picked up by his monitoring systems) throws himself into the struggle to free Earth from the Space-Spawn, joining with a handful of other characters (including Demona, Owen, a time-travelling Brooklyn, and descendants of Goliath, Delilah, Natsilane, and Zafiro) to form a resistance movement.

In a noteworthy animation nit, Elisa's black t-shirt is shown to be long-sleeved while she's taking the tour of Nokkar's spaceship. However, in the immediately preceding episode, "The Green", she was wearing a short-sleeved shirt instead.

For reasons unspecified, this episode wasn't been included on the Disney YouTube Channel, disneysshows when the others were available.

Disney Plus has the episode placed between "Mark of the Panther" and "Pendragon".

Toon Disney/Disney XD Edits

The scene where Elisa pulls a gun on Goliath goes to commercial prematurely leaving out her saying "Not another step or I'll shoot you right where you stand."

DVD Release


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