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Elisa firing her weapon.

As a member of the New York Police Department, Elisa Maza is assigned a service pistol. Throughout the course of the series, she has lost a fair number of these weapons. Greg Weisman has noted on the (almost funny) frequency of her tendency to lose them, musing that she has probably blamed David Xanatos when trying to account for the lost weapons. [1][2]

Instances Of Lost And/Or Destroyed Guns

"Awakening Part Three"

Elisa draws her gun upon first encountering Bronx, only to have it taken away and crushed by Goliath.

The very next evening, while taking Goliath on a tour of Central Park, the commandos jump them, and Elisa is quickly disarmed.

"Deadly Force"

While Elisa did not lose or have this gun taken away from her per se, after Broadway accidentally shot her with it, the gun was confiscated by the police and tested for prints. It should be presumed she was assigned a new gun following this incident.

"Long Way to Morning"

Demona attacks Elisa in her apartment and attempts to murder her. Elisa is again disarmed, and Demona crushes the gun in her hands.

"The Silver Falcon"

Elisa's gun was taken away from her by Glasses when she was taken hostage. It is unknown if the gun was recovered, or she was assigned a new one.

"Eye of the Beholder"

David Xanatos took Elisa's gun when she aimed it at the Werefox, crushed it, and then politely handed it back to her.


Elisa was disarmed when she was knocked unconscious by the newly upgraded Hyena.

"Ill Met By Moonlight"

After spending the duration of the World Tour without any bullets in her gun, Elisa volunteered her weapon to be melted down and reforged into an Iron Bell to use against Oberon.


Gargoyles (Marvel Comics)

All she's missing is a skull on her shirt, a cigarette in her mouth, an empty bottle of scotch, a career as a whore, and a Frank Miller style internal monologue. Actually, let's just call this character: Crazy Bertha.

Elisa seemed quite gun happy in the Marvel comic book. Even to the point of, well, check out the image for yourself.


With the series having done an episode on gun violence, the creative team had to find ways to keep Elisa from shooting anyone with her gun. Using up the bullets against beach constructs of the Archmage and suits of armor in the Hollow Hill during the "Avalon" trilogy was one of the means to comply with Standards & Practices.[3]

According to Elisa, her gun(s) are made of steel alloy with a little bit of iron. ("Ill Met By Moonlight")