Elisa's Loft

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Elisa's Loft.
Elisa's Loft in the winter.

Elisa's Loft is a loft in SoHo, New York City. [1]

Elisa Maza lives alone in her loft with her cat, Cagney, though the Manhattan Clan did retreat there briefly after the Clock Tower was destroyed by the Hunters in 1996.

Elisa's loft has been attacked twice: once by Demona and again by the Quarrymen. ("Long Way To Morning", "Nightwatch")

Elisa's Kitchen
Elisa's Living Room
Elisa's Bedroom


Production Background

Frank Paur discusses Elisa's Loft

The location of Elisa's loft being in SoHo was first revealed in the Series Bible for the first season of the show. Although information in the Bible is not considered canon, this location has not been contradicted by any canon or other canon-in-training sources.

In a Facebook post on September 17th, 2017, Frank Paur commented "The building and apartment were not always so well maintained, neither was the neighborhood, In real estate, timing is everything. Let's just say a lot of hard work went into it. And who's to say Elisa's not savvy about investment opportunities."