Central Park

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Central Park

Central Park is a park in the middle of New York City, covering almost 850 acres. It is one of the city's best-known tourist attractions.


Goliath and Elisa visited it the night after the clan's re-awakening in 1994, and here they were attacked by the Xanatos Goon Squad. ("Awakening Part Three", "Awakening Part Four") The gargoyles and Elisa have visited it many times since, and even encountered a number of noted landmarks there, such as Belvedere Castle, Cleopatra's Needle, and even a statuary cluster of Alice in Wonderland and other fictional creations of Lewis Carroll.

In 1995, Peter Choy and Rosaria Sanchez rescued a five year old boy from a lake in Central Park. [1] In December that year, Elisa, Goliath, and Bronx met the Guardian Tom at Belvedere Castle before journeying to Avalon. ("High Noon", "Avalon Part One")

With the help of the Manhattan Clan, in May 1996 King Arthur Pendragon and Griff encountered the Lady of the Lake in Central Park. Later that summer, Halcyon Renard's Fortress-2 crashed into Central Park after battling a giant Lord Oberon. ("Pendragon", "The Gathering Part Two")

The Jogger frequently runs through Central Park and it has been visited by many of Manhattan's other citizens.

Behind the Scenes

Though Greg Weisman largely worked from personal memory when visualizing the show, the accuracy of various landmarks, such as those in Central Park, were in large part the result of copious amount of research the artists in both Los Angeles and Tokyo did. [2] In particular, many of the reference shots to help those artists were taken by Frank Paur when he visited the city. [3]

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