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Pistol is a member of Falstaff's gang.


Pistol was born in 1944. [1] He was a member of John Oldcastle's original gang along with Harry Monmouth. Together, the three of them pulled jobs all over Sydney.

When Oldcastle (now calling himself Falstaff) was recruited by the Illuminati, Pistol joined his old boss and several new recruits in guarding the secret society's treasury on Eastcheap Isle.

He helped defend Eastcheap when it was attacked by the Redemption Squad in 1997, and was the only member of Falstaff's gang not taken down by them.


Pistol is a skilled marksman and carries several firearms. He was skilled enough to disarm Hunter with a single shot without doing her any serious injury.


Real World Background

Pistol is named after a character in Shakespeare's play Henry IV Part Two, who reappears in The Merry Wives of Windsor and Henry V. Falstaff's old ensign (standard-bearer), Pistol is a braggart who talks in a comically overblown fashion (many of his speeches are parodies of lines from the plays of Christopher Marlowe, one of Shakespeare's rival dramatists). In Henry V, Pistol marries Mistress Quickly, and enlists in Henry V's army for the French war, as do many of Falstaff's other former followers; he fights in the Battle of Agincourt, successfully capturing a French soldier there, and quarrels with a Welsh officer named Fluellen (who finally gets the better of Pistol, making him eat a leek). The last of Falstaff's associates to survive, he returns to England when the war is over to become a beggar and thief.