Mutagenic Formula

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Mutagenic Formulas are tailored serums or inhalents designed to alter a subject's DNA, thus creating a mutate.


All mutagenic formulas have been created by Anton Sevarius. Sevarius created the mutagen by splicing various genes from whatever species he desired and grafting them into the mutagenic formula. Apparently, the formula also includes some sort of chemical that causes the targets' cells to incorporate the new genetic material. Mutagenic formulas can contain DNA from one species or several different ones.

It seems the easiest way to create a mutate is by directly injecting the mutagenic formula into the target's body. In late 1996, however, Sevarius designed the CV-1997 Carrier Virus that would enable him to release a mutagenic formula into the air, which in turn would enter the bloodstream of the targets via the lungs. ("Metamorphosis", "Louse")