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This is a canon-in-training article. Information in this article is subject to change before it becomes canon.

The Pukhan Clan is a clan of gargoyles that inhabits Pukhan, Korea. [1]


While this Clan is almost certainly ancient, most of their history is unknown. The clan lives in the caves and tunnels of the mountains near the Pukhan River. [2] Unlike gargoyles from other clans, the Pukhan Clan's main drive isn't protection of a place or thing. Rather, the gargoyles protect their concept of justice. [3] In the words of Greg Weisman, "For this clan, "Justice" is an absolute religion, and "Poetic Justice" is their one true art: their comedy, their tragedy, their obsession." [4]

While they didn't fight as warriors, in the 1950s individual members of the clan were involved in the Korean War. [5]

The Pukhan Clan will be one of the founding clans of the Gargoyle Nation and will still be in existence by 2198 when the Space-Spawn attack Queen Florence Island and kidnap the leader and the eggs of this clan.


The physical characteristics of this clan are unknown.

Known Members

There are no known members of this clan. The population is considered to be a "full clan". [6]

Production Background

The decision to create a gargoyle clan in Korea was made partly because the TV series was animated in Korea. [7] According to Greg Weisman, the Pukhan Clan (and their love of justice) was Frank Paur's idea after Greg was introduced to a Korean legend by Frank. [8][9] Although it was tentatively scheduled as a stop on the World Tour, ultimately there wasn't "enough episodes to get to them". [10]