Biker Gang

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The Bikers
The Bikers

The Biker Gang are the humans Brooklyn ran into during his joy ride on the motorcycle repaired by Trio.


After avoiding the police, Brooklyn saw the gang and quickly met up with them, thinking they would be kindred spirits (echoing Lexington's initial hopes for The Pack). ("The Thrill of the Hunt") Though the gang appeared friendly at first (even remarking that it was "cool" Brooklyn and his friends built the bike), the second Brooklyn removed his helmet the gang saw that he was "a monster," and they jumped at the chance to attack him.

Just as one of the bikers started to shoot at the gargoyle, Demona (who was following Brooklyn from earlier that night), eventually jumped in to help. One of the first bullets fired hit Brooklyn's motorcycle, destroying it. At least one biker was still conscious and fled the scene. ("Temptation")


Production Background

Voice Actors:

In his ramble on the episode, Greg Weisman pointed out his frustration on how Biker Gang's scene was staged, in particular how the gang didn't notice Brooklyn wasn't human until he removed the helmet, wondering how Brooklyn's snout didn't already give him away. [1]