Jayla Réal

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Jayla Réal in 1997.

Jayla Réal is an associate of Huracán Sanchez and a member of his syndicate. She accompanied him to the summit organized by Izaak Slaughter and drew her gun on the gargoyles. When a bomb planted by Dino Dracon was discovered, she was unsure if now was the time to discuss peace between the crime families. ("Cold Comfort")


An innocent bystander reacting to a hearty cackle on New Year's Eve, 1996.

Jayla Réal seems to have a distinctive laugh – more of a cackle. ("Louse")


Production Background

Jayla Réal is a tribute to former Gathering of the Gargoyles president and co-host of the Voices from the Eyrie podcast, Jennifer L. Anderson. Karine Charlebois first drew her into the fourth issue of Gargoyles: Bad Guys before Greg Weisman would bring her back as a member of Huracán Sanchez's cartel. [1]