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The Kenner Action Figures were series of action figures based on Gargoyles released by Kenner in 1995 before being discontinued in 1997.

In 1993, Kenner met with Greg Weisman and pointed out their main concerns for the toy line included (among others) that there was a lack of significant vehicles for both the protagonists and antagonists, that the Trio and Bronx didn't look heroic (i.e. aggressive) enough, and that the key human ally (Elisa) and key evil gargoyle (Demona) were, in fact, both female. [1]

Characters from the Avalon World Tour weren't given figures as Kenner preferred to focus on characters appearing in a larger percentage of the series.[2] Goliath's Eye of Odin induced form from "Eye of the Storm" was implemented to provide them with another toy, but Kenner didn't use the concept.[3]

Greg Weisman has personally wished that Kenner had also made an Angela figure. [4]

All four commercials can be found here.

Series One

Battle Goliath

Kenner Battle Goliath action figure... as seen on Robot Chicken.


Kenner Broadway action figure.


Kenner Bronx action figure.


Kenner No Neck Brooklyn action figure.

According to Greg Weisman, Brooklyn was supposed to have a special feature inside his jaw, which distorted his head and neck. Ultimately, the special feature was considered too expensive, but the figure's head and neck remained off-model. [5]

Claw Climber Goliath

Kenner Claw Climber Goliath action figure.


Kenner Demona action figure... out to slay those she loved but did betray! That commercial jingle, by the way... was written by Dan Slott... before he eventually moved on to ruining Spider-Man!


Kenner Hudson action figure... lets his big sword fly!


Kenner Lexington action figure... with crossbow and incapable of gliding

Strike Hammer Macbeth

Kenner Strike Hammer Macbeth action figure... with stooping so low to attack them while they sleep action!

Mighty Roar Goliath

Kenner Mighty Roar Goliath action figure.... he's screaming because he knows, paint his hair white and you get a passable Thailog.

Night Striker (vehicle)

Kenner Night Striker vehicle... making a subplot in "Her Brother's Keeper" an embarassing waste of time.

Power Wing Goliath

Kenner Power Wing Goliath... impressive wingspan? Twenty-six years later, NECA would say "hold my beer!"

Quick Strike Goliath

Kenner Quick Strike Goliath action figure.

Rippin' Rider Cycle (Vehicle)

Kenner Rippin' Rider Cycle... blown up before the first commercial break.

Steel Clan Robot

Kenner Steel Clan Robot... does what Steel Clan robots do best.

Stone Armor Goliath

Kenner Stone Armor Goliath action figure... probably the only Kenner Goliath really worth buying


Kenner Xanatos action figure... ADIOS, XANATOS!!!

Series Two

Castle Playset (Playset)

Kenner Castle Playset.... By the power of Grayskull!

Elisa Maza

Kenner Elisa Maza action figure... also pulling double duty for the Judge Dredd line.

Flamestorm Goliath

Kenner Flamestorm Goliath... stop, drop, and roll, Goliath!

Griffin Goliath

Kenner Griffin Goliath action figure... Goliath, why are you wearing a pelt made from Griff?

Icestorm Brooklyn

Kenner Icestorm Brooklyn... now with a 100% more neck and 100% more hypothermia

Lion Bronx

Kenner Lion Bronx... $100 to the first person who explains why!

Minotaur Goliath

Kenner Minotaur Goliath... because even Taurus would have been preferable

Rainstorm Hudson

Kenner Rainstorm Hudson... not included, a Scroll of Merlin canister

Steel Clan Xanatos

Kenner Xanatos in Steel Clan Armor... getting closer

Stone Camo Broadway

Stone Camo Broadway action figure.

Stone Camo Lexington

Kenner Stone Camo Lexington.

Ultimate Goliath

Kenner Ultimate Goliath action figure... twenty-six years later, NECA will show you an actual Ultimate Goliath action figure

Xanatos XI-44 Roadster (Vehicle)

Kenner XI-44 Roadster with Xanatos action figure... GASP, HE'S WEARING A TIE!

Series Three

Hardwired Broadway

Kenner Hardwired Broadway action figure.... since why?

Hardwired Coldstone

Kenner Coldstone action figure... cool, it even features "Othello", "Desdemona", "Iago", and the Xanatos Computer program

Hardwired Goliath

Kenner Hardwired Goliath action figure.... this could have been another stab at Xanatos's armor.

Hardwired Lexington

Kenner Hardwired Lexington action figure.... at least Future Tense Lexington sarcastically apologized.

Hardwired Xanatos

Kenner Hardwired Xanatos action figure.... someone at Kenner really liked "Legion"