Lugaid Red-Stripe

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Lugaid Red-Stripe was a candidate for King of Ireland in the time of Cu Chullain.


According to a story told by Shari, the Stone of Destiny refused to utter the cry that would have confirmed Lugaid's claim to the throne. Cu Chullain, who had supported Lugaid, promptly broke the Stone in half using Gae Bolga. ("Rock & Roll")


Lugaid Red-Stripe was a human male so called due to a stripe of red through his otherwise blond hair.


Real World Background

According to Irish legend, Lugaid Red-Stripe (properly, "Lugaid of the Red-Stripes" - "Lugaid Riab nDerg" in the original Irish) was the son of a certain Clothra by her three brothers. His nickname came from the red stripes that divided his body into three parts, each of these parts resembling one of his fathers. The story of his attempt to become High King of Ireland, and Cu Chullain's response to the Stone of Destiny's refusal to acknowledge him, is an actual legend.

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