Mr. Jaffe

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Mr. Jaffe, being robbed.

Mr. Jaffe is a grocery store keeper in a run-down part of New York City.


Although his store is frequently robbed, Mr. Jaffe chooses to stay in the same neighborhood so that the local residents can have a place to buy groceries. It was this bold stand that helped inspire Goliath to take up the mission of protecting Manhattan from criminals, beginning with one particular thief that targeted Mr. Jaffe's store. ("Reawakening")

Elisa Maza had her first run-in with the werefox in Mr. Jaffe's store. It's also where Elisa and Goliath apprehended Tony Dracon for his "protection racket" scheme. ("Eye of the Beholder", "Protection")

Mr. Jaffe is an old friend of Matt's, who visited his store often as a boy.


Production Background

Voice Actor: Charles Hallahan