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Robby Bevard fell in love with cartoons and the comic book medium at a very young age, and always knew he would work in the medium. In 1999 he began interning at Antarctic Press, which soon turned into a full time job.

He has been writing and coloring Ninja High School for Antarctic Press since 2000, as well as putting in varying levels of involvement for a wide variety of other projects from month to month including Gold Digger, I Hunt Monsters, Pirates vs. Ninjas, How to Draw Manga, Heaven Sent, Oz: The Manga, and pretty much anything else Antarctic has done since he started working there.

Robby also works with the coloring group Guru-eFX, and through them has done work for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Upper Deck, Wizard and more.

Robby has been a Gargoyles fan since the show first came on the air, participated heavily in fandom, and colored issues 7-12 of the SLG series, as well as the covers for Bad Guys. He also designed Katana, Nashville, Fu-Dog, "Sacrifice", and "True".

Robby lives in San Antonio, Texas, and works seven days a week on comics.

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