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The Himalayas are a great mountain range in Asia, north of the Indian subcontinent. Tibet is located in the Himalayas.


In 1995, Coldstone fled here after he came to the rescue of Elisa and the gargoyles from Demona and Macbeth at Belvedere Castle. There he encountered Master Dawa who began working with him to control his split personalities. ("High Noon", "Reunion")

In 1996, Goliath, Elisa, Angela, and Bronx arrived in the Tibetan region of the Himalayas during the Avalon World Tour. While there they encountered Coldstone, Master Dawa, and his student Sangpo. They were unable to convince Coldstone to join them on their odyssey. ("Reunion")

Later that year, Xanatos tracked Coldstone down in these mountains and brought him back to New York City. After the extra personalities were removed from Coldstone, he and Coldfire would return once again to the Himalayas. They remained there until a signal from Xanatos compelled them to leave for London. ("Possession", "Reunion", "Rock of Ages")

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