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Boreas is the elected leader of the New Olympians. [1]


When Goliath and his companions came to New Olympus on the Avalon World Tour, he presided over Elisa's trial. While he bore her no ill will, he recognized the potential danger that she might pose to his people, and so decreed that she be kept on the island. Later on, however, after Elisa helped prevent Proteus from destroying New Olympus, he revoked his decree and gave her permission to depart. ("The New Olympians")

Boreas would have a supporting role in the spin-off The New Olympians. [2]


Boreas looks much like Zeus as traditionally depicted in classical art, a dignified bearded man, but with wings. He bears a great staff tipped with crossed lightning bolts, and which can deliver a thunder-bolt that he can channel at will. [3]

Boreas has two sons, Kalais and Xetes, one of whom will join Jove's faction after the New Olympians make contact with the outside world. [4][5]


Real World Background

Boreas was named after the god of the north wind in Greek mythology. His appearance as a winged human may be derived from the fact that, in the Greek myths, Boreas had two sons by the Athenian princess Oreithiya, Calais, and Zetes, who both appeared as winged men. They accompanied Jason and the Argonauts on the Quest for the Golden Fleece, and delivered King Phineus from the harpies that tormented him by stealing his food daily. However, the Boreas of Gargoyles in other matters, as mentioned above, resembles Zeus much more closely in appearance and function in New Olympian society.

Production Background

Voice Actor: Dorian Harewood