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Christopher Jones was the artist for "Estranged", the third issue of Gargoyles: Bad Guys. He had previously worked with Greg Weisman on "The Flashback of Notre Dame", a Gargoyles parody story for JLA Showcase 80-Page Giant #1, which was released in February 2000. However, he and Greg Weisman did not meet in person until the 2006 CONvergence. [1]

He was the artist for The Batman Strikes! for DC Comics, which was the tie-in to the animated series The Batman (for which Greg Weisman wrote a few episodes).

Jones was the artist of the tie-in comic to Young Justice for issues #5-11, 13-18, and 20-25. [2] He also did the poster art for "Recruits", the crossover Radio Play of Gargoyles, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice at the 2014 CONvergence and the AudioPlay art for Rain of the Ghosts

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