Into the Mystic

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Into the Mystic.
Into the Mystic's sign.
Inside Into the Mystic.

Into the Mystic is a shop in Soho, London, owned and operated by the London gargoyles; Leo and Una presently serve as the shopkeepers.


The shop was founded over five hundred years ago (before the Tudor dynasty), and helps finance the London Clan, such as pay taxes for the land at Knight's Spur. [1][2][3] Its products consist of magical supplies of various kinds, much of it fake; the gargoyle shopkeepers use this atmosphere to help disguise their true nature, pretending that they are wearing costumes of mythical beings. [4] ("M.I.A.")

The shop is only open at night but does employ humans as well. [5] Some customers are aware of the shop's actual magical merchandise. [6]