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Jade and Turquesa
Jade's pendant

Jade (pronounced ha-day) is a gargoyle of the Mayan Clan.


Jade hatched in 1938. [1] By 1988, it was likely that he and Turquesa had become mates and he fathered his first egg that year. At some point before 1993 he was entrusted with the Jade Pendant linked to the Mayan Sun Amulet, and thus received his name. [2] He was patrolling the rainforest with Zafiro, Turquesa and Obsidiana on the day in 1993 when a group of poachers looted the Mayan Pyramid and destroyed his clan. Fortunately, the rookery was undisturbed and the eggs of the clan, including the one he fathered in 1988, will hatch in 1998. ("The Green") [3][4]

In 1996, he helped defend the rain forest from Cyberbiotics, and from Jackal and Hyena in Preston Vogel's employ. Afterwards, he and Turquesa left Guatemala with Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx to transport, plant and nurture various rare herb and flower species on Avalon while Zafiro and Obsidiana remained to protect the rain forest. ("The Green")

After insuring that the plants were thriving on Avalon, Jade and Turquesa soon left the island for home, though Avalon took them to a few other locations first, including Buenos Aires where they encountered Demona and later New York City, where the two retrieved the Mayan Sun Amulet from the Manhattan Clan. [5] During their travels, they could not bring their pendants on the magical island, which inevitably extended their odyssey by several months. ("Questions", "Quo Vadis Cum Hoc?")

They returned to Guatemala soon afterwards to rejoin Zafiro and Obsidiana in protecting "The Green". [6]


Jade is a strong, young gargoyle. He has green skin coloring and black hair. His wings are the most common type of wing, similar to Goliath's. While he does possess two small horns over each brow, Jade is unique among the Mayan gargoyles seen so far in that it doesn't appear he has a forehead crest, though perhaps it is merely hidden by the headdress he wears.


Production Background

Voice Actor: Jesse Corti