Michael Dorn

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Michael Dorn
The single greatest thing that Michael Dorn has ever done.

Michael Dorn is an American actor best known for his role as Worf the Klingon on Star Trek. He loaned his voice to several roles on Gargoyles as well.

Dorn also voiced the Inhuman, Gorgon in the 1994 Fantastic Four three-parter "Inhumans Saga" which had Rocky Carroll and Clyde Kusatsu as Karnak.

He also provided the voice Kalibak in Superman the Animated Series, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, as well as John Henry Irons/Steel in Superman.

Other voices actors starring with him included Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor, Ed Asner as Granny Goodness, Cree Summer as Natasha Irons (Superman), Victor Brandt as Professor Emil Hamilton (Superman) and Rob Paulsen as Lightray (Justice League)

Roles on Gargoyles

Other Roles

  • Aladdin
    • Brisbane ("The Animal Kingdom")
  • Kim Possible
    • Rufus Prime ("A Sitch in Time" movie/3 parter)

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