Tobe Crest

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Tobe Crest

Tobe Crest is an attorney who was hired by an, as of yet, unknown party to represent Goliath in court.


Shortly after Goliath was captured by the Gargoyle Taskforce, Tobe Crest appeared before Judge Roebling at the New York City Criminal Courthouse demanding to know what the gargoyle was being accused of – beyond existing, stating that Goliath's rights were being violated. Margot Yale appeared, arguing that by definition a gargoyle cannot have "human rights". Roebling ruled that they would hold a hearing to determine whether Goliath possesses sentience. ("Render Unto Caesar", "Underwater")

Shortly afterwards, Crest met Goliath in his cell at Rikers Island to prepare the gargoyle for what he would face – both agreeing that, by nature, humans fear what they don't understand. He suggested a few character witnesses, both agreeing on Halcyon Renard and agreeing not to bring David Xanatos to the stand. When Crest suggested calling Elisa Maza as a character witness, Goliath strongly objected; he did not want to tie her fortunes to his (and corrected the Crest's pronunciation of her name). When Goliath asked the attorney who was paying for his services, Crest responded that he wasn't at liberty to reveal that. ("Everywhere")

As the final arrangements were made for the hearing, Crest requested that the hearing take place at night so as Goliath could participate and aid in his defense. Margot attempted to argue against this, but Crest compared it to a competency hearing and all but threatened to file an appeal. Throughout the hearing, both Crest and Margot questioned and cross-examined witnesses such as Halcyon Renard, Dr. Rostam Vaughn, John Castaway, Officer Renqvist, and even Goliath himself. Finally, despite Goliath's protests, Crest called Elisa Maza to the stand. During her testimony, Elisa publicly revealed her love for Goliath. As the hearing closed, Crest's closing arguments called upon Judge Roebling not to be on the wrong side of history, invoking the history of African Americans and their own civil rights movement. Shortly afterwards, Roebling ruled that Goliath was sentient and subject to the same legal protections as any human. Following this, both Crest and Goliath agreed that it was a battle won, but the way to true peace between humans and gargoyles had yet to be revealed. ("Your Witness", "New Rules")

A couple months after the hearing, Crest was invited to be a guest speaker at the first Gathering of the Gargoyles Guild convention. ("Questions")