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Not to be confused with Female Prison Guard or Rikers Island Prison Guard.

Renqvist is a prison guard who works at Rikers Island.


In 1995, Renqvist was patrolling a cell block when Coyote broke in to free the Pack. Renqvist pulled his gun on Coyote, but Coyote fired a beam that attacked his nervous system, causing him to collapse. Coyote then took the guard’s keys. ("Leader of the Pack")

Two years later, Renqvist was still working at Rikers Island. When the Gargoyle Taskforce brought Goliath to the facility, he was given a special remote that would shock the gargoyle when activated. Renqvist used the device without hesitation until Brooklyn shot it out of his hand during his rescue attempt and the guard quickly surrendered. ("Render Unto Caesar")

Renqvist continued to be Goliath's primary guard during the latter's imprisonment. He was present when Wolf, Jackal, and Hyena attacked the prison and, reluctantly, released Goliath temporarily in order to save their lives (and the lives of inmates Tomas Brod and Tony Dracon). ("Mayday")

He later testified in Goliath's hearing and admitted that he was still afraid of the gargoyle, unwilling to take his hands off the Shock-Collar remote. ("Your Witness")